• EyeSTAR Lasik in Istanbul: The Lasik Technology

    lasik in istanbul technology

    One of the most reputed aspects of EyeSTAR LASIK treatment is the technology. EyeSTAR LASIK Institute is equipped with the latest FDA and clinically approved laser and diagnostic technology.

    In order to provide the safest and most precise results, EyeSTAR is equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment for the most accurate assessment of the eye’s visual defects. Assessment methods include corneal tomography, ultra-precise corneal topography (measuring the cornea at 22,000 points), corneal wavefront, and diagnosis and classification of corneal shape abnormalities with an artificial intelligence system.


    Our laser, the Wavelight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 500Hz/400Hz. is the newest, fastest, and most advanced FDA-approved eye laser platform on the market. It is reputed for the most precise outcomes, and the highest level of safety and patient comfort.

    We offer advanced CLB microkeratome technology or an all-laser EyeSTAR LASIK, depending on our surgeons’ recommendations for each particular patient.

  • Safety

    The health of your eyes is critical and their safety a fundamental requirement. Therefore, EyeSTAR LASIK Institute has been using the Alcon Wavelight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q laser, which has a unique safety feature: PerfectPulse Technology™. This sophisticated technology ensures that the entire treatment and each pulse of the laser beam are completely controlled with ultra-fast eye tracking that follows eye movements 400 times per second, and adjusts the laser beam accordingly in less than six milliseconds. So, even when your eye moves, the treatment remains perfectly centered. It also prevents thermal effects on the eye and dryness, improving the healing process.

    Quality of Vision

    The Eye-Q laser also offers Wavefront Optimized technology, which has been shown to preserve the natural shape of the cornea and prevent the induction of optical errors that could lead to night vision problems or loss of contrast sensitivity (the ability to see the images crisply). The system has the potential to provide a majority of patients with better than 20/20 vision, which has been coined “eagle vision,” since eagles have the innate ability to see better than 20/20 both day and night.


    The Eye-Q system has a frequency of 400 pulses per second and the actual treatment time lasts only a few seconds as compared to often longer procedures. An average treatment will take no more than 10-12 seconds or about the times it takes to pour a cup of coffee. Shorter eye laser treatments have been shown to reduce healing time while decreasing the risk of post-operative infections, over-corrections and under-corrections.

  • lasik in istanbul eyetracker

    The WaveLight Allegretto Wave Eyetracker

    The EyeSTAR eyetracker is an integral part of EyeSTAR LASIK treatment. It works with the laser for an ultra-precise treatment, ensuring that each laser pulse is placed exactly where it should be.


    EyeSTAR's eyetracker has a sampling rate faster than 400Hz. and it follows eye movements 400 times per second. The reason this is important is because the eye can twitch at a rate of 60Hz. If your eye twitches faster or at the same speed as the eyetracker then the eyetracker may not be able to get the appropriate readings of the movement of the eye. In turn, the laser may not be able to place the right pulse of the laser in the appropriate section of the cornea because of the lack of information.


    What is also extremely important is the ability of the laser to react to the information being sent to it from the eyetracker. The response time of the laser must be very fast to ensure that each laser pulse is placed exactly on the appropriate part of the cornea. Even if the laser can sample the movement of the eye 1000 times but the laser reacts slowly to this information, the result is that the laser may be placing pulses on areas of the cornea based on old information.The best example of the relationship between the eyetracker and the laser is to try and imagine throwing a ball at a moving object that is going 400 miles an hour. Although you can see the moving object, your reflexes are too slow to adjust to the constant changes of the moving object. As a result, every time you throw the ball you are missing the moving object. The EyeSTAR laser and eyetracker both work at 400Hz, which means that as the eyetracker is following the eye 400 times per second, the laser is working at the same speed, by precisely ablating the necessary areas of the cornea.

    eyestar lasik in istanbul topolyzer

    The WaveLight Allegro Topolyzer

    The basis for successful eye laser treatment is an accurate diagnosis. Working with the EyeSTAR ALLEGRO Topolyzer means utilizing an ideal device to support the decision-making process for customized laser vision correction.

    By determining the patient’s exact visual correction needs, it greatly enhances the range of possible treatments, from Wavefront Optimized to the highly sophisticated topography guided treatment (T-CAT).

    The ALLEGRO Topolyzer with its corresponding T-CAT software has been specifically designed to measure and generate high resolution treatment data for eyes with severe irregularities. It was developed for the most difficult cases, in which standard wavefront measurement and treatment would prove clinically ineffective.

    With an extraordinarily high resolution of the cornea resulting from 22,000 measuring points and a large placido disc, the ALLEGRO Topolyzer is an accurate tool for the preparation of refractive surgery. In addition to producing a refractive map to display the influence of aberrations, the ALLEGRO Topolyzer is fitted with an interactive elevation map, allowing the individual selection of reference body, radius and sphericity.


    The WaveLight Allegro T-CAT Treatment
    The ALLEGRO Topolyzer and T-CAT have been optimized to complete the range of customized laser vision correction and to interact in perfect synchronization with the ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q excimer laser systems. All necessary treatment and patient parameters are transferred from the ALLEGRO Topolyzer to the laser. The ALLEGRO T-CAT software inside the laser´s notebook then calculates the appropriate correction pattern. The physician may, however, decide to change individual parameters at any stage of the process.

    The integrated real keratometer and automatic measuring release allow for precise centration of the image. Digital image transmission and sub-pixel approximation combined with a comfortable working distance and a measuring time amounting to only a fraction of a second allow for the highest possible reproduceability and accuracy of the data recorded. All data obtained here will be used by the ALLEGRO T-CAT software to define the respective treatment parameters.


    The ALLEGRO Topolyzer may also be used as a stand-alone diagnostic instrument for regular topography measurements which are always required in refractive surgery. Integrated in the device is a keratoconus detection software and optional pupillometry software is also available.


    Applications for the ALLEGRO Topolyzer include:
    - Repair station for decentered/irregular ablations after previous refractive surgery
    - Enlarging small optical zones
    - Keratoconus screening
    - Treatment of high astigmatism
    - Treatment of other surgically induced corneal irregularities

    eyestar lasik in istanbul analyzer

    The WaveLight Allegro Analyzer

    The EyeSTAR ALLEGRO Analyzer is an ideal diagnostic device to support the decision-making process for customized laser vision correction. It greatly enhances the range of possible treatments, from the standard wavefront optimized procedure to the highly sophisticated wavefront guided treatment.


    ALLEGRO A-CAT Treatment
    The ALLEGRO Analyzer has been specifically designed to deliver wavefront data needed to perform safe and successful wavefront guided laser vision correction. All components have been optimized to work in concert with the ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q laser.

    All necessary treatment and patient parameters are transferred from the ALLEGRO Analyzer to the ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q laser. The ALLEGRO A-CAT software inside the laser notebook computer then calculates the appropriate correction pattern. ALLEGRO A-CAT (or wavefront guided) treatments are intended for use on patients with high incidence of high-order aberrations in their optical system. Any required correction to the optical path of the eye is then enabled via A-CAT module on the cornea.


    Tscherning Principle
    Working in the visible spectrum, the ALLEGRO Analyzer is designed to make wavefront measurements by utilizing the Tscherning operating principle, which works as the same principle as the human eye. In order to perform a measurement according to this principle, an image of the measurement spots is projected onto the retina. This allows the physician to constantly verify that the image has been taken properly and that all measurement spots are actually valid. The application of this measurement principle allows for the detection of inaccurate readings caused by local obstructions.


    The application of this principle allows the ALLEGRO Analyzer to exclusively deliver valid data and minimizes the risk of false treatment. The ALLEGRO Analyzer utilizes visible light to perform the measurements, therefore additional off-line calculations and factoring for chromatic errors are not required.

    Automatic measurement release ensures that only centered measurements will be taken into account. Minor decentrations are detected and registered along with the pupil diameter and other relevant values. These data are then added to the actual wavefront data. Proprietary WaveLight data processing software allows for the registration and recording of valid measurements even with serious eye conditions.

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